Project work

2021 Graduates

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A new sense for perceiving what we cannot see

Horus is designed for the everyday life of blind and low vision people with the aim of making them more autonomous and safer in their daily movements. It uses vibrotactile devices controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide the visually impaired. The prototype was designed and tested in collaboration with New York University and the Unione Italiana Ciechi ed Ipovedenti of Naples. Integrated camera, tactile belt, bone conduction earphones, cloud technology, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence: these are some of the devices and technologies that, thanks to 5G with its pervasive and reliable connectivity and low latency, make Horus a new sense.


  5G, IoT, and AI: a possible key to enter the world of
autism spectrum disorders

Born from an idea shared with experts and associations of patients' families, Autonomy is aimed at people suffering from autism spectrum disorders. With continuous physical and environmental monitoring, Autonomy is a useful tool for identifying and managing stressful situations in patients with ASD. It consists of devices that continuously acquire physiological, video and audio parameters of the patient and the environment in which he or she is located. The data collected are sent in real time to the cloud and processed by three different Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict possible states of anxiety in the patient, identify the possible causes, provide immediate information to operators, care-givers and family members, and at the same time activate possible calming actions.

Sound Square

5G for a truly global, interactive, personalized and high-quality musical experiences

A great musician wrote: “Music gifted me with ubiquity”.
Sound Square have the potential to take this concept to the next level,by providing a new 5G platform that allows the cocreation of augmented experiences trough real-time interaction and content sharing. Starting with the music industry, but going well beyond into the future of entertainment, the applications that Sound Square enables combine all the ingredients of truly global interactive experiences. These are experiences that are only possible with the ability to customize end-to-end 5G network slices with dedicated resources that provide very high bandwidth wireless connectivity, intensive in-network processing, and low-latency media distribution. With the Sound Square platform running over 5G, producers will be able to easily compose next-generation musical experiences by just tapping into professional and user-generated sources, selecting appropriate in-network production functions, and choosing their relevant audience. The rest is up to Sound Square. 


5G networks and Dynamic Control Techniques at the service of sustainability and Green Energy

5GRID combines 5G technology with smart micro grid technology for efficient use of green energy. 5GRID is an independent and intelligent power grid, made up of smart meters and control systems, able to allocate resources where and when needed, without waste, and powered by renewable energy sources. The sizing and design of the grid, with its technical and economic feasibility analysis, was carried out by the academy students with a hospital campus in mind. In structures characterised by high and constant energy consumption, such as a hospital campus, 5Grid allows: reliability of the system, which is autonomous and therefore resilient even in the event of a blackout of the national electricity grid, environmental sustainability, cost containment and better scalability of the project thanks to the use of 5G rather than a wired solution.



5G and Digital Twin to help Heroic Farming and more...

Diwine is an innovative idea for Smart Farming designed to create a Digital Twin platform for a vineyard. It uses drones, cloud and Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The platform is 5G-enabled, allowing the winegrower to remotely control all production parameters. The images captured by the drones are transferred and processed directly in the cloud thanks to Multi-Access Edge Computing. The computational power of the 5G cloud enables the use of ML and AI algorithms, ensuring the development and management of the Digital Twin. Diwine enables efficient vineyard management, accurately differentiating the final product. It is able to simulate possible future vineyard scenarios, supporting the winemaker in minimising any risks of
non-harvesting, and ensuring increased profits.