Project work

Graduated 2022

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Remote Healthcare

5G-Enabled Humanitarian Drone for Efficient Healthcare Delivery in Emergencies 

Remote Healthcare Ecosystem has the aim to ensure the delivery of supplies and humanitarian goods, the transport of medical items in areas affected by natural disasters or complex emergencies, through the use of the 5G technologies. The project involves the training of a drone (DJI Matrix) that, through the installation of backpacks (a complete LTE/5G network solution) and the 5G connection, will be able to map and explore autonomously the areas affected by disasters. This will increase the effectiveness of humanitarian responses, reducing the time action. In addition, it will be possible to reach people in need and deliver aid in a timely way, even in areas not accessible due to the disaster, while reducing the negative effects of the event on the population affected.

Assistant Hologram

5G-Powered Holographic Assistant for Immersive Cultural Experiences

Assistant Hologram aims to develop an artifical intelligence assistant in order to provide an immersive and interactive experience. The project involves the creation of a holographic assistant that, through the power and efficiency of 5G tecnologies, will be able to interact in real time with a human user. In particular, the project finds its scope in the cultural sector, developing a holographic avatar in the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. The avatar "Holos" offers a highly immersive and interactive experience, accompanying the visitor on the discovery of the archaeological park and the innovative technologies of the ancient Pompeii in a dynamic and customized manner.


AI and 5G technology for enhancing warehouse and distribution management: increased efficiency and cost reduction. 

VSA is a virtual storage system that aims to optimize the storage of goods and increase production efficiency by maximizing time and space utilization. The project has been developed with two use cases in mind. The first use case, VSA Container, is designed to manage container spaces and loads, making loading and unloading processes more efficient. The second use case, VSA Warehouse, allows for innovative and efficient management of the storage system. Our project utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as digital twins, 5G connectivity, mixed reality, as well as  genetic algorithms to solve the 3D bin packing problem..


LIS-Text Translator App with Virtual Assistant for Deaf Communication

Lister is committed to breaking down the language barrier between the deaf and hearing communities. Our cutting-edge project focuses on creating a a LIS (Italian Sign Language)–text-to–voice real time translator that converts Italian Sign Language (LIS) into both voice and text, as well as vice vers. This innovative technology empowers individuals who are deaf and use LIS to communicate more effectively with those who are unfamiliar with LIS, allowing them to fully engage in cultural experiences. Our state-of-the-art app utilizes a virtual assistant equipped with advanced linguistic recognition capabilities to accurately translate spoken language into LIS in real-time.